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Title:Neuro Linguistic Programming
Description:“IF WE TREAT PEOPLE AS THEY ARE, WE MAKE THEM WORSE. IF YOU TRAIN THEM AS THEY OUGHT TO BE, WE HELP THEM BECOME WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF BECOMING.” And that is how any organization grows and sustains its position as well as growth further. The biggest resource, “Human Resource” is thus neglected in our industry. We do not have Training & Development of our own employees on priority, for long term gains & more so retaining the talent we have happened to hunt while employing them. In near future, when competition will be going from worse to still intense worse, due to branding challenges, the only resource; our own field sales force is the one to secure us where we are. They need to be nurtured properly with training as one of the important component of whole policy. Sanjeev Deshpande is a veteran Pharma professional having spent 30 years in Sales, Marketing and Training put together. He rose to the position of Business Head from the grassroot level, thus he understands the challenges faced by the companies at each level of hierarchy.
Category:Top » Health » Education
Owner Name:Sanjeev Despande

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