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Title:Replacement Therapy for Addiction.
Description:Replacement Therapy for Addiction. This is the true story of how i quit and why I needed to ,I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetics and the Dr informed me the symptoms troubling me the most. Pain in my feet at night, difficulty in walking and poor balance control were the result of nerve damage, brought on by prolonged and excessive alcohol consumption .theirs no cure but we can manage the symptoms. By the use of medication ,diabetic diet that limits and preferably excludes alcohol consumption and exercise , All of which will help to alleviate the symptoms and they should gradually abate . Therefor my choice was suffer increasing discomfort and pain or follow my Dr's advice I of coarse chose the later. I new the stumbling block would be the alcohol consumption that had been excessive for many years and until now i had believe it had done little or no harm to my constitution. Visit the website to learn more==>> I came across an add on Facebook extolling the virtues of the system .Joined and devoted my time to it and stopped drinking by keeping occupied, and that is what you will learn exactly how to do.
Category:Top » Health » Addictions
Owner Name:Michael Dennis

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